George Washington Middle School's mission is to create a safe, caring and respectful learning environment that fosters high expectations for success of each student by promoting a strong work ethic, encouraging personal responsibility, bolstering collaboration and virtuous character.

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The West Virginia Department of Education will administer the Classroom Benchmark Assessments this fall in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. Your child will take this assessment the week of September 10-14 at George Washington Middle. The CBA is a component of the academic progress indicator in the state's new accountability system outlined in WVBE Policy 2322. This indicator will allow the state to determine how much students improve from the fall CBA to the West Virginia General Summative Assessment administered in the spring. 

Please be advised that GWMS does not open our doors until 7:30 am to receive students. Staff does not arrive until this time for supervision. Parents please do not drop off your child, let your child walk or ride their bike until the can enter the building at 7:30 as they will not be supervised until this time.
Start time for school is 7:58 with the tardy bell at 8:03. Dismissal time is 3:07.
Any messages for students need to be called in BEFORE 2:30 to assure delivery.
Thank you for your help in this to keep all students safe and well supervised.

​Tutoring begins September 4th.
​Tutoring will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:07- 5:30 pm. Students are provided help on their academics and provided a snack. Bus transportation is available on the activity bus, which is limited to main routes. Contact the teachers below to set up tutoring before attendance.
​6th grade: Mr. Allison
​7th grade: Mrs. Fellure
​8th grade: Mrs. bays

Gwms will be holding elections for Local School Improvement Council. We are looking for three interested parents to serve on this committee along side the principals, bus operator, teachers, students, and at large members. If interested let Mrs. Slack know by September 7th. LSIC will meet four times a year. 

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