After School Recovery Program

  • Used to make-up incomplete or missing assignments
  • Offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:07-5:30
  • Must be approved by teacher and parent before day of attendance
  • Acitivity bus will leave GWMS at 5:30 to transport students

Drop off Points

Red House/Hometown Area

  • Washington Park (The Grove) above Hometown (turn around point)
  • Archie's Place (across from Hometown Tire)
  • Hillbilly Mart (Jay's Country Store) - Red House Hill
  • Fire Station - Red House Hill
  • Old Liberty Store - Red House Hill

Buffalo Area

  • Gritt's - Midway
  • Buffalo High School
  • Mouth of 18 Mile Creek
  • Mouth of Manilla Creek (turn around area)

Students who live along any of these routes may be dropped off at their home.