Spelling Bee

GWMS would like to give a big congratulations to Derick Grier this year's winner of the Spelling Bee. Derick will go on to participate in the county spelling bee in January. 

A big thank you to all students who won the right to participate in this year's spelling bee. The following won spelling bees for their class to earn the right to participate.

8th Grade: 

Zoey Saunders 

Adelaide Burke 

Rachel Estep 

Matthew Sheridan

 Kindle Stover 

Taylor Lewis 

Derick Grier

Cameron Janda

7th Grade: 

Cooper Martin 

James Eads

 Ryan Harvey 

Wesley Mallet 

Nolan Criner 

Naythan Neff

6th grade:

Josslyn Allman

Noah Bedwell

Acelynn Casto 

Savannah Dunlap 

Jayla Jones 

Rylee Legg 

Kai Hatfield